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Why do we love decorating?

Decorating awakens imagination and creativity, makes us happy and motivates us, helps us to capture our own personality in something that will become ours, a super personal projectThat, when I finish, we will look at him and we will feel proud of him.

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Why choose handcrafted products?

It is a more ethical and human form of consumption, although many times are more expensive products than those elaborated industrially. Crafts and their knowledge respond to a different logic than to maximize economic profits, producing, however, other benefits, both in the communities and creative people and in those people who consume them.

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How they impact on your happiness the objects of which you surround yourself in your home

Your home is the space where you spend much of the time, where you recharge energy to be able to give the best of yourself every day, where you share the most intimate moments and live unique experiences What counts your IT home? Do you need any improvement? Do you give you the importance you deserve? Do you have the home you would like to have or with which you settle for?

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