Payment Methods

Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted.

The payment catwalk used corresponds to the virtual TPV of the Caixabank bank (virtual TPV - safe electronic commerce); The bank card data will be sent to the bank and at no time we store this confidential information.



PayPal is the quick, simple and safe way to pay on the Internet.
You can easily pay with your PayPal account, the debit card or credit card.



Clearpay is a payment method that allows you to make purchases at the time and pay them later in 3 monthly installments without costs. The service is provided by Clearpay S.A.U., who deposits the funds received from its users in a safeguard account.

Representative example: Tae: 0%; Tin: 0%; Amount: € 90; Term: 2 months; 3 installments of € 30; with monthly maturities. First expiration at the time of purchase. Total amount owed: € 90. PVP: € 90; Total deadline price: € 90. Terms and conditions apply.

ATTENTION: Clearpay applies penalties for backward payments. If you cannot make a payment, please contact Clearpay.

In the event that no payments are made, Clearpay will prevent you from making more purchases.

Clearpay will give you until 11 pm the next day so you can do it, otherwise you will incur a penalty for backward payment at a cost of € 6.00.

In addition, if the quota remains unpaid, an additional penalty will be accrued, which will be charged if the quota remains unpaid seven (7) days after its expiration.

If your purchase is less than € 24.00, the total cost per delay will not be able to exceed € 6.00. If your order is € 24.00 or more, the total penalty will not exceed 25% of the total order or € 24.00, which is lower.

Counter -time

Payment payment has a surcharge of € 6.
You have to have previously selected the "Payment Payment" option. If you have not done so, do not worry, we will simply add the position of € 6 for choosing this payment method in the amount of your order.

You will have to present your ID to the messenger and take the amount of the right order, the delivery man is not obliged to bring changes.