What is sustainability and how can we contribute to it

While the first thing that can come to the head when we talk about sustainability is its environmental facet, we must address it from a broad perspective, also considering the social facet and governance, as well as, of course, the economic one.
These different facets are interconnected, since environmental challenges influence social and corporate governance challenges. When making decisions, possible compensations must be taken into account (Trade-offs) Among the different dimensions of sustainability, under the criterion of choosing the option generated by the best and greater positive impact.
Economic sustainability refers to good financial management, and social sustainability includes the human context of business (poverty, inequality, health, education and the impact of globalization in the development of countries). For its part, environmental sustainability addresses the impact on the quality and quantity of natural resources, energy, global warming, waste management and contamination. The facet of governance touches the distribution of power, voice and vote in decisions, as well as the distribution of benefits and the social impact generated for the organization's interest groups, those groups that are influenced and / or influence on The organization, such as customers, workers, shareholders, suppliers ...
Sustainability we can apply it to different levels: from the individual, considering how in our day to day, through actions linked to recycling, volunteering, to empathic decision making ... we can positively impact our community, as at the level of Organization and at the level of city or country.
The gross national product (which produces a country) does not count aspects linked to health, the quality of education, or the happiness of children and greater. It posts everything except that makes life worthwhile, that we have rediscovered after the pandemic.
Organizations can (and they must) protect the environment, as well as positively impact their stakeholders in an economically viable manner, integrating sustainability in their strategy and looking into the long term, taking into decisions to our children, grandchildren, nephews ... besides ourselves. Sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.
The different dimensions of sustainability can be addressed globally through the contribution of the organization to the objectives of sustainable development of the United Nations. They are a universal call to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity in 2030. The 17 objectives are integrated, since they recognize that development should balance environmental, economic and social sustainability. Everyone is necessary to achieve these objectives; Let's not leave anyone behind. Ethnica Deco is a great example of an organization that facilitates the achievement of these objectives because it permeates sustainability in its philosophy and its decision-making. Sustainable purchase for a better world.
Asun Cano, Social Impact Consultant

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