How they impact on your happiness the objects of which you surround yourself in your home

Life is like a mirror: everything there is inside is reflected in the situations, people and circumstances that surround you. What without a mirror could not you see yourself? Well, the same thing happens, everything surrounds you is an expression of what you are.
Your home is the space where you spend much of the time, where you recharge energy to be able to give the best of yourself every day, where you share the most intimate moments and live unique experiences What counts your IT home? Do you need any improvement? Do you give you the importance you deserve? Do you have the home you would like to have or with which you settle for?
All these questions are nothing more than a reflection of how you treat yourself. I will reveal one thing, when we really love ourselves everything in life works for us.
Choosing each of the objects that make up the life of our home and create our little universe in a conscious way, it is a very beautiful way to bet by loving ourselves, and at the same time to love and respect our environment.
Of this thought has emerged the "Slow Living" movement, in which the pieces of crafts of different parts of the world are their flagship, because they contribute coherence in a lifestyle that seeks to connect with our true essence. This movement claims to live the present moment in a more paused and conscious way, as opposed to the inertia of the unbridled rhythm of modern society where the culture of "using and throwing" prevails.
You are responsible for what you consume and how it consumes it. Everything impacts leaving a trace on the planet and you. What is the mark that you would like you to leave your step for this life?

"Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody thinks about changing itself."
- Leon Tolstói.

Ana de la Lastra, Life Coach and founder of Taïel Evolution

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