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Mantel blanco crudo ECOTA de algodón reciclado 80% - Mantel - ETHNICA DECO

Crude white tablecloth 80% recycled cotton ecota

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Handmade in Bangladesh

  • 80% recycled cotton
  • 20% recycled polyester
  • Organic dyes
  • Certificate in Fair Trade

This tablecloth is dyed and hand -woven in a traditional manual loom, composed of 80% recycled cotton thread from Bangladesh textile features and in 20% recycled polyester.

The tablecloth is a product made and obtained ethically supporting rural women in the northern part of Bangladesh, a region of the poorest in the area, located far from the largest cities. It is very important that rural women can work near home so they can provide additional income without leaving their families. Crafts can work at the modest workshop or from their homes, at the time they prefer. The recycled cotton spinning spinning thread is spin into simple rotating wheels in another rural area of ​​Bangladesh. This producer is certified as Fair Trade according to the Ecota Fair Trade Forum in Bangladesh and is in the process of becoming a member of Fair Trade of Wftto.

Measures: 300 x 150 cm

All products are made by hand with 100% natural and ecological materials. They can vary slightly in size, shape and color, but they are 100% original And unique!

Instructions for use:

All textiles are handmade with recycled cotton and handmade. Recycled natural fibers are delicate and sometimes they are not 100% color resistant; Please, handle with care.

  • First use:

- Delicada machine washing with cold water, 30º C

- Wash separately

- Use a soft detergent

- Preferably tend to dry

- Cold iron