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I tell you a secret?

I'm not a decorator, or interior designer, nor architect. My name is Tatiana and I have dedicated myself to law during the last 15 years.
I have always thought that working life is (too much) long to dedicate yourself to only one thing. I am a curious and restless person and I wanted to set up my own business for years, but "THE" idea didn't come to my mind. 
Until one morning I realized that I had it in front of my nose (literal). Three of my great passions, travel, decoration and human rights, merged in an only project. This had to be the road!

What do I offer you

Can you imagine being able to decorate your home with unique and exclusive pieces, ethically sourced from the best artisans of this world, that bring personality to your home and make it a really special place?

Well, welcome to the universe of Ethnica Deco!

Our values:
Handicraft, Sustainability and Ethics

In an increasingly industrialized and alienated world, I bet on crafts, for the unique pieces, with soul, behind which we always find a person and one story to tell.

I am looking for beautiful craft objects to decorate your home, always made with natural or recycled materials, but I go a little further: I only select those organizations (cooperatives, foundations, social companies, ...) that I fall in love with for their quality and work, but also for their Social and/or environmental commitment.

Can you decorate a house beautifully and at the same time generate a positive impact?

Yes, of course! There are thousands of artisans in the world making wonderful pieces and I will discover them little by little.

A little bit more of me

I inherited my passion for traveling and knowing other cultures from my grandmother, who traveled the world several times. I still remember when she told me that she had seen the Victoria Falls hunging from a harness in a helicopter! Today I'm still amazed ...

Like her, from each of my trips I brought home a handmade piece from that country. I was amazed by the crafts, so different from each other, and seeing them at home made me feel that I had a bit of that special and so remote place with me.

I have always liked houses with personality, the welcoming and different, unique, special spaces. The taste for aesthetics and decoration have to come from my mother, who had a small home decor boutique for many years and I spent hours in it and accompanied her to buy at the big decoration fairs.

I studied law, but at the end of my studies I was not attracted to study in the typical business schools, so I chose to make a master's degree in Human rights instead, it was what interested me most!

So at my almost 40 years I have reborn, I have started from zero, I have comforted myself and I feel very good!

Maximum social impact and minimum environmental impact

In believe the beauty of an object is linked to the environment that surrounds it. Consumption can contribute positively or negatively to our world, but I assure you that our products contribute to a better present and future.


- Because they are handmade, following mostly ancestral techniques, transmitted from generation to generation, allowing the cultures and the traditions of the human being to perpetuate.

Let me tell you a story: Wichí women, an indigenous people from northern Argentina, go together to the mountain for several days to collect the "chaguar" fibers, and then weave in community. Their textiles are characterized by their geometric drawings, and during the process, they verbalize aloud the feelings that those drawings emerge, giving rise to an intimate connection experience with themselves. Isn't it incredible?

- Because, through their purchase, we support these artisans, gathered under social integration cooperatives, foundations, social enterprises, organizations that act under the principles of fair trade, allowing both them and their families improve their lives.

Our suppliers place their artisans (90% women) in the center, investing in their training and progress, connecting their products made in remote places with the global market to ensure recurring income.

For example, they facilitate that women can work from home to reconcile with their family life and, in many cases, pay their children's school quotas or cover medical expenses, even funerals.

I am leaving you here a small video about one of the "teleras" that elaborates our carpets:

- And because all our products are made with local natural materials or recycled materials, through manual processes with a minimum energy impact.

I think there is nothing more sustainable from the environmental point of view than to make a piece with fibers of a local wild plant, which is stained with natural dyes extracted from roots and plants in the area, and that is woven with their own hands, sitting and sharing in community, or from home while watching your children.

But I also bet on the circular economy and I offer you products made with recycled materials, such as reused glass from the Zanzíbar tourism industry that uses marginalized young people of the island, or teak wood products made with the roots of this tree, which usually is considered a waste product.

In any case, I always look for the products that I offer you generate the minimum environmental impact and the maximum social impact ;-)

Now that you know the project better, I hope you like it and that you accompany me in this wonderful adventure in which I trust to add value and surprise you.

You will discover the work of new artisans who, little by little, will be incorporated into the family of Ethnica Deco and, together, we will build a better future.