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Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

Conditions: these general conditions.

Consumer: natural person who buys or agrees to buy products for private use.

Customer: natural or legal person who buys or agrees to buy products, including consumers.

Ethnica Decco, S.L.: Company identified in its confirmation of the order and/or in the invoice.

Confirmation of the order: Written acceptance of Ethnica Decco, S.L. of the customer's order.

Price: Total amount that the customer has to pay Ethnica Deco, S.L. as remuneration for products.

Products: All goods available on the websitewww.ethnicadeco.comOn the Internet, or in order confirmations, that the client bought or agrees to buy from Ethnica Deco, S.L.

2. Object, content and information

2.1 These General Conditions of Contracting are intended to regulate the transactions made on the website, domain of which the mercantile entity Ethnica Deco, S.L.

2.2 Ethnica Deco, S.L. The right to modify the commercial conditions offered on the website reserves at any time, being legitimized to make modifications on content, products, prices, offers and commercial and service conditions.

2.3 If there is any error in the products or information shown to the public, its correction will be automatically proceed. In the case of any error in the prices or characteristics of the product and some customer would have made an order based on this failure, we will communicate to the client this typographic failure and will be entitled to cancel your order without any cost.

3. Scope of application

3.1 These conditions will apply for all those contracts for the sale of products between Ethnica Deco, S.L., and its customers.

3.2 These conditions exclude the application of any others, unless they had expressly and in writing with Ethnica Deco, S.L.

3.3 All product orders will be considered a customer offer for the purchase of such products subject to these general conditions.

3.4 Ethnica Deco, S.L. Accept the client's purchase offer subject to these conditions by sending to the customer of a confirmation of the order.
The client will be responsible for the verification of the confirmation of the order and must contact Ethnica Deco, S.L. in short period in the event that it perceives any error or inaccuracy. Otherwise, Ethnica Decco, S.L. It will proceed to the delivery of the product according to the confirmation of the order that will be binding for the client.

4. Price

The price that the client has to pay is one that is set in the confirmation of the request of Ethnica Deco, S.L. And on the bill, the price will appear broken down in the following concepts:

  • The product price.
  • Taxes
  • Shipping costs.
  • Additional costs, if existing.

ETHNICA DECO, S.L. Check in detail all the information that appears on your website. Even so, if there were any errata in the price of a product, the buyer will be communicated, leaving Ethnica Deco, S.L. exempt from having to deliver it for the wrong amount.

ETHNICA DECO, S.L. will correct the error in an imminent way and the buyer will decide if you want to continue your purchase.

Also, Ethnica Decco, S.L. reserves the right to modify your prices at any time, always respecting the price indicated at the time of the order (except in the case mentioned above).

5. Taxes

The prices of the products set out at, include the Value Added Tax (VAT), which in your case is appropriate.

6. Payment method

The means of payment may be one of the following ways:

6.1 By card (visa or mastercard).

The payment catwalk used corresponds to the virtual TPV of the Caixabank bank (virtual TPV - safe electronic commerce); The bank card data will be sent to the bank and at no time Ethnica Deco, S.L., will store this confidential information.

The client is totally protected before possible fraud and, even carrying out a payment operation, can reject the transfer directly in his banking entity.

With this payment modality, the charge will be made immediately at the time of making the purchase. In case of any incidence in the order, for causes attributable to Ethnica Deco, S.L., the corresponding amount will be reimbursed on their credit card within a period not exceeding thirty business days from the notification and confirmation of the return.

6.2 Through PayPal, a fast and simple method, only your email address and a password will be needed.

PayPal safely stores customer financial information and protects you with market security and fraud prevention systems. Financial details are never shared with the seller.

6.3 Through Klarna: Divide your purchase and pay in 3 interest-free installments, 0% APR.
Divide your purchase into 3 equal payments so you can spread the cost of your purchase over time. Enter the credit or debit card of your choice for automatic payments each month from the time your order is confirmed (usually the shipping date). No interest or additional fees when you pay on time!
For more information, simply visit

7. Form, expenses and shipping term

7.1 The forms of shipping will be the one that appears reflected on the website at all times, the client can choose the one that suits him when there are different options.

7.2 Ethnica Deco, S.L. Send orders to your customers through national and international urgent transport companies. The product delivery period will vary depending on the selected shipping and the place of destination, being in Spain-Peninsula the estimated time between 1-2 days for express shipping and 3-5 days for standard shipping, in Balearic Islands between 48-72 hours, in the remaining countries between 3-5 days, except weekends and holidays.

7.3. Associated shipping costs will appear duly broken down in the corresponding invoice.

8. Safe purchase

When the client access the 'My account' section or make an online payment, the transmission of the data will be encrypted by the SSL mechanism. In this sense, an alert window will appear informing that an area protected by SSL is being entering and subsequently a lock will appear confirming a safe communication.

In compliance with the Organic Law of Personal Data Protection, the client may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification and cancellation of their data. To do this, you must contact Ethnica Deco, S.L. In the email

When the customer makes a purchase at, an alert window will appear in their browser notifying him to enter a safe area of ​​communication. From this moment, a lock will appear at the bottom of the browser, reminding him that he is on a safe page.

Credit card payments: The pages on which your card data is requested from the online store, information that the Virtual TPV of La Caixa receives. This catwalk meets all current and security legal regulations to ensure maximum security in the execution of the payment process.

The SSL security mechanism makes the information transmitted by the encrypted travel network creating a fully confidential and securized communication duct.

Payment Payment: PayPal safely stores the client's financial information and protects you with safety and fraud prevention systems of the market leaders. Financial details are never shared with the seller.

Payment through Clearpay: ClearpayHe safely stores the client's financial information and protects him with market security and fraud prevention systems. Financial details are never shared with the seller.

9. Delivery

9.1 deliveries in Spain: The delivery date will be reported in the confirmation of the order. In shipments to Peninsula the estimated delivery time varies depending on the type of shipping contracted (1-2 days For express shipping and 3-5 days for standard shipping), and in the Balearic Islands between 48-72 hours, except weekends, holidays or exceptional situations of which Ethnica Deco, S.L. will duly inform the customer.

9.2 International deliveries (Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco and the Netherlands):The delivery date will be between 3 and 5 business days.

9.3 The place of delivery will be stipulated in confirmation of the order.

The transport agency will carry out a maximum of two (2) attempts to deliver to the client in the place for it.

In case of impossibility of delivery by absence of the client at the indicated address, the Agency for Transportation or Ethnica Deco, S.L. It will notify the client for SMS, telephone or email, which has been provided for this purpose, to arrange a new installment. The agency may have the order retained at its facilities up to a maximum of 7 days. Given the impossibility of contacting the client or negative for their part to receive the request in this period, the merchandise will return to origin, understanding that the client rejects the order.

In this case, Ethnica Decco, S.L. It will retain all the amounts paid by the client, being able to demand the payment of the corresponding shipping and return expenses of the rejected merchandise.

9.4 The delivery date can be altered by extraordinary incidents in the carrier, and by difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise, which will not assume any responsibility of Ethnica Deco, S.L.

9.5 If, the client will observe any damage in the packaging, he must not accept the delivery, and the reason for the rejection must indicate to the carrier.

The client must contact Ethnica Deco, S.L. Through the E-mail address:, within seven (7) business days to communicate this circumstance and to solve the incidence as soon as possible.

9.6 In the event that a client refuses the order when his delivery has been arranged by the transport agency, he will be responsible for the return expenses to origin, notwithstanding that, in accordance with the term provided for in the general conditions, he exercises his right of withdrawal.

10. Property and Risk

10.1 The transmission of the property of the products to the customer will occur once Ethnica Deco, S.L. You have received the entire price payment.

10.2 The risk of loss or damage to the product will pass to the customer or the representative of the same from the moment of reception.

11. Acceptance and right of withdrawal of consumers

11.1 The client has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the merchandise, to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The client can return the goods for free depositing them in any post office and sending them to Ethnica Deco, S.L. (Servilogi), with Plaça del Xarol direction, 28b, Plant 1, Pol. Ind. Les Guixers - 08915 Badalona, ​​without any delay within 14 calendar days from the date on which we communicate its decision to withdraw the contract . Any other form of shipping will be borne by the client.

It is the customer's duty to benefit from the exercise of the right of withdrawal that returns the product under the same conditions in which it was received, with its original intact packaging and the label, accompanied by the ticket or electronic invoice that it received with the confirmation of its order, and finding the product in perfect condition, without having opened, unbelievated or used.

In no case are returns of personalized products that have been specially prepared for the customer.

In the event that the client exercises his right of withdrawal, and the order had been previously paid by credit card or PayPal account, the amount of the same in the same credit card or PayPal account will be paid.

11.2 The client must prove the exercise of the right of withdrawal through the sending of the form that is transcribed below, to the E-mail with a copy to


Withdrawal form model

To the attention of Ethnica Decco, S.L., provisions of CIF Number B-42918920.

I inform you that I give up my sales contract for the following good:

  • Order number:
  • Received the day:
  • Consumer name:
  • Consumer address:
  • Date:
  • Consumer signature


12. Defective products

If the acquired product presents a manufacturing or quality defect, you should contact us immediately by sending an email to with copy to

The product can be returned for free within the period of 14 calendar days since its reception in any post office, sending it to the aforementioned address (Ethnica Decco, S.L. (Servilogi), Plaça del Xarol, 28b, Plant 1, Pol. Ind. Les Guixeres - 08915 Badalona). Any other form of shipping will be borne by the client.

The order must be returned in the same conditions in which it was received, with its original intact packaging and the label, accompanied by the ticket or electronic invoice that it received with the confirmation of its order. They should not have opened, despised or used.

We will proceed to carefully examine the product returned and communicate by e-mail within a reasonable period of time if the reimbursement or replacement of the same proceeds (if applicable). The reimbursement or replacement of the article will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within 14 days following the date on which we send an email confirming that the reimbursement or replacement of the non -compliant article proceeds. The amounts paid by those products that are returned due to some tare or defect, when it really exists, will be reimbursed entirely, including delivery expenses incurred to deliver the article (with the exception of the additional expenses resulting from the choice by their Part of a different delivery mode to the less expensive mode of ordinary delivery that we offer).

The refund will be made in the same means of payment that you used to pay for the purchase. In any case, the rights recognized by current legislation remain safe.

13. Customer Obligations

13.1 The client undertakes to provide truthful information on the data requested in the user registration forms or order, and keep them updated at all times. Declaring that it is of legal age and that it is fully capable to carry out this contract.

13.2 The client accepts all the provisions and conditions collected in these general hiring conditions understanding that they collect the best possible will for this type of activity.

13.3 The client undertakes to enable the delivery of the request requested by facilitating a delivery address in which the request requested within the usual merchandise delivery hours (from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00) may be delivered. In case of non -compliance by the client of this obligation, Ethnica Decco, S.L. You will not have any responsibility on the delay or impossibility of delivery of the request requested by the client.

13.4 The client undertakes to accept these general hiring conditions, as well as the privacy policy and the legal notice published on this website.

14. Post -sales services

The client will have a post -sales service through the

15. News Bulletin

15.1 In the event that the client has given his consent, he will receive information and offers about Ethnica Deco's products.

15.2 To request this service, you will simply register on the website and request this service marking the box of: "Subscribe to our Newsletter."

15.3 At the time he wishes, the client can unsubscribe from the subscription to the news bulletin by sending an email to

16. force majeure

None of the parties will be responsible for breach due to circumstances that escape their reasonable control (cases of force majeure) including merely enunciative: strikes, terrorist acts, wars, pandemics, transport problems, supply or production, fluctuations of the type of type of Change, government actions, legislative changes or natural disasters. In these cases or in analogous assumptions, any of the parties will have an extension of the reasonable time for the fulfillment of its obligations, however, if the circumstance las more than sixty (60) business days, any of the parties has the right to resolve the contract without compensation prior written notification.

17. Consumer rights

None of the imperative provisions in force regarding consumer law will be affected by these general conditions.

18. Claims

In the event that any client deems to present any type of claim, it may do so through a notification that must contain:
a) The claimant's personal data: name, surname, address, telephone number and email address.
b) Description of the factual assumption that brings causes the claim.

Likewise, the client may opt for sending their claim through:
a) Shipping by postal mail, to the attention of: Ethnica Decco, S.L.
Address: Plaza de los Sitios 12, 2nd floor, 50001, Zaragoza.
b) Email shipping:


The Spanish law will be the application. Both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the client's domicile. If any part or clause of these conditions are declared invalid by a court the rest will continue in force for the parties. All notifications between the parties must be sent in writing to the legal representative of the other party at the address indicated in the invoice.
In this regard, Ethnica Decco, S.L. He claims not to be attached to any extrajudicial procedure for conflict resolution.