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Marie Claire Maison

Animated by strong human values, Ethnica Deco is an online store that selects beautiful decorative items that value crafts around the world.
Ethnica Deco in Marie Claire House
A social and ecological deco alternative
If it was neglected a time, the trend of responsible consumption returns to the front of the stage. The decoration is obviously not exempt, with more and more homes decorated with ethical articles and durably products. For this, Ethnica Deco is an online shop that has conquered its audience by combining beautiful bohemian style products, with beautiful values. "I want to offer a really conscious decoration alternative that takes care of people and the planet, promoting socially and ecologically responsible consumption. At the same time, I want to prove that it is possible to achieve a financial balance while having a real social and environmentally positive impact, "says Tatiana Lacasa Bellesue, founder of Ethnica Deco.
Crafts around the world showcased
To do this, Ethnica Deco offers a rigorous selection of artisanal, durable and ethical decorative items, which decorates with all the rooms of the house. The online store surrounds artisans from around the world, which design decorative items with passion, care and authenticity. Whether they come from Spain, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zanzibar or Argentina, Ethnica Deco products have no dispute a soul that emerges from them. "Crafts around the world is a treasure that we need to preserve, which is often a vestige of these cultures and traditions. They are authentic beauty that is expressed through techniques transmitted from generation to generation, so that part of their history is not lost, "adds Tatiana.
Give a soul to his decor
Of course, partner artisans in the online store create their products only with natural or recycled materials: local natural fibers, shades with organic dyes, recycled cotton, recycled glass, teak roots, clay, clay , etc. Thus, these items bring a real bohemian style chic and natural to an interior, with these neutral colors and its raw textures that make the senses awake. Ethnica Deco is therefore an online store of decoration that is good for interiors, with its beautiful products, but also to communities and craftsmen, paying them back to the height of their work. A good taste purchase is transformed into solidarity purchase.

Always with its ethical and eco-responsible values, Ethnica Deco intends to continue its development, as much to decorate with the style of the interiors and to support craftsmen of the world. Other product families could even appear soon.