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Paipay africano BOLGA de fibra natural - Paipay - ETHNICA DECO

African Paipay Bolga of Natural Fiber

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Handmade in Ghana

Fun and colorful Paipays made by hand in Bolgatanga, Ghana, to cheer up any wall by combining several of them or with other works of art. Of course, they can also be used to fan the hottest days!

Each of these pieces is unique and has been preparedWeaving the grass "Elephant pasture"For a craftsman who works for The Baba Tree Basket Company Ltd., a local company that for 15 years is committed to an ethical business model, with the aim of preserving the culture of the basketry and prosperity of the Gurinsi community in Bolgatanga. This company provides sustainable employment, fair and significant work to more than 250 artisans, causing a true social impact on the local community.

The Baba Tree pays school fees, funeral (one of the most important cultural traditions), hospital bills and health insurance for all its collaborators.

The weekly workshops it offers, training in skills and the enthusiasm and innovation of weavers allow their domain in this art to be recognized and admired around the world.

Measures: 30 x 47cm

All products are made artisanally with 100% natural and ecological materials. They can vary slightly in size, shape and color, but they are 100% original and unique!