Cartera Wichí Chaco de fibra de chaguar - Cartera - ETHNICA DECO
Cartera Wichí Chaco de fibra de chaguar - Cartera - ETHNICA DECO

Wetter Wichí Chaco de Fiber Chaguar

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Handmade in Argentina / unique article

The Wichí are an indigenous people of northern Argentina, which since time immemorial have dominated the preparation of all types of items with a local grass called Chaguar (Quechua), weaving unique pieces with a super original technique. All dyes they use are natural, with plants and roots of the area.

For generations Wichí women have worked gathered in community, applying ancestral techniques, and the art objects they produce are their source of work and cultural resignification. In small groups, women go to the mountain harvest, and dedicate more than a day, two or three days with camps, if the "chaguarales" are far away. Sometimes they travel up to 30 km. And then they defibrate the leaves, Hilan, dye, weave and make the crafts.

Together with Wichí women, the Niwok Foundation promotes work as a form of dignified empowerment and life, promoting training in management and administration. They also conduct various workshops by addressing topics such as women's rights, education, health, sexuality or addictions, among others.

Since the Niwok Foundation, they are helped in the marketing and recognition of these objects through the Siwan'i project, the entrepreneurship involving hundreds of Wichí women and men, governed by the principles of fair trade and responsible consumption.

Measures: 27 x 20 cm

All products are handmade with 100% natural and ecological materials. They can vary slightly in size, shape and color, but they are 100% original And unique!