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Ethnica is born as a conscious and respectful proposal within the world of decoration, to offer you a careful selection of unique and original creations that contribute, at the same time, social and environmental well-being.

We consider firmly that crafts, sustainability and ethics, enhance beauty. Therefore, we seek all over the world craftsmen aligned with these same values ​​and, thus, to be able to offer you their wonderful handicrafts to decorate your home.

The crafts

Ethnica claims the human, the work with the hands, the quality of the materials, the creativity and the time invested by the artisans, from here and from there.

It brings you with beautiful and unique, original items, with a soul, claiming its origins and promoting, at the same time, that traditional cultures and techniques are perpetuated, transferring them to the current decorative tendencies.

The sustainability

Now, more than ever, we have the duty and responsibility to take care of our planet and the people we inhabit it.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with suppliers committed to society and with the environment, which really allow impact in a positive way in the lives of artisans and in their communities, contributing economic security through the payment of a fair price For his work, in the conditions agreed freely with them, and supporting initiatives to improve their quality of life.

Our products are composed of local raw materials, natural materials, dyes and organic enameled, recycled raw materials ... all with the purpose of reducing its environmental impact as much as possible.

Ethnica offers you products that give a second life to already used objects, select items that provide output to the leftovers to prevent it from becoming waste, or creations made with materials that the industry usually discards (as can be the roots of a tree).

We bet on social and environmental sustainability in a broad sense, going far beyond the use of packaging with recycled materials.


We are convinced that it is possible to make a company generating a positive impact, balancing social purpose and economic benefits, building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

For this reason, in Ethnica we place our values ​​at the center of our strategy, conditioning decision making regarding our customers, suppliers, community and environment.

Now that you know the project better, we hope you like it and accompanies us in this wonderful adventure in which we hope to be able to contribute value and surprise you. You will discover the work of new artisans that, little by little, will be incorporated into the Ethnica family and, together, we will contribute to generating this necessary cultural change.