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Article: Why do we love decorating?

¿Por qué nos ENCANTA decorar?

Why do we love decorating?

I wanted to inquire about this reality that we enjoyed a large majority of us, know why when we think of decorating a space we feel that emotion inside and we started as crazy to seek inspiration (internet, magazines, stores), to imagine how those would be combined pieces, what sensations I would transmit that room, how I would feel in it ...

It turns out that in 2003 the Academy of Neurosciences for Architecture (ANFA) was created in San Diego USA, and since then progress has been made a lot of knowledge of how the environment is capable of modeling the brain.

The decoration of a place speaks of the people who inhabit it, as well as the way of dressing, both greatly reflect the personality of a person. 
 Decorating awakens imagination and creativity, makes us happy and motivates us, helps us to capture our own personality in something that will become ours, a super personal project that, when it ends, we will look at it and be proud of it.
But decorating also allows us to make "blur and new account", it offers us the opportunity to change and start again: over time we change ourselves, our tastes, our interests, needs, and therefore we must accompany us our form of Dress or decoration of our house to feel good.
The objective is always common: to seek well -being, feeling comfortable at home, which is our refuge, which connects us with our most primitive part: feeling safe in our "den" (it sounds distant, but only three years ago this feeling charged special relevance with COVID-19 and the confinement we live). 
As we decorate, we create our well -being, generating a quiet, safe, full of peace, where we relax and at the same time enjoy and have a good time.
We design the spaces, choose the materials (tiles, soil, carpentry, ...), we decided the colors, the shapes, mix textures and, finally, we select the final details, those special objects (a vase, a cushion, a picture, a picture Manta ...) that end up warning a house and making it very yours.
Thanks to the neuroarchitecture, we now know, for example, that we surround ourselves with objects and images that have an emotional meaning - because they remind us of good times, inspire us or make us feel good - the feeling of well -being increases. And it is that science has shown that the environment influences the type of thoughts and the production of hormones and neurotransmitters.

In conclusion: your home decoration can improve your life in a very much senses :-)

At all we release new station and I will bring you news🌸… Let's decorate!

Tatiana Lacasa, founder of Ethnica Deco

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